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Macro Photography Passion: focus on your emotions

Macro Photography Passion: Meaning how it is infinitely great to photograph the infinitely small.

As is already known, science is following two complementary roads in its search for the rules of the universe: general relativity and quantum mechanics. General relativity deals with the celestial bodies and how they interact with each other, while quantum mechanics investigates subatomic particles. It is not difficult to understand how the infinitely small can be fascinating.

Macro photography is precisely this: fascination with the hidden, for the “too far away” as it is “too small”. Nobody had ever looked into the eyes of an insect, before macro photography. And who knew what world was hiding in a drop of dew?

Enthusiasts know it: among extension tubes, macro lenses and additional ones, special flashes, focus stacking and post-production, the life of the macro photographer is tough.

With this in mind we developed Macroder, the micrometric slide branded FGM and made in Italy. With millimetre accuracy (or rather, sub-millimetre!), practical and sturdy, Macroder is your best friend in the studio or outdoors. Arrange your camera, decide whether to add a bellows or not, pay attention to the composition: then she starts working. Each turn of the knob will let you move forwards or backwards by 0.15mm, to send you on a totally accurate journey into the infinitely small!

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