Macroder your next micrometric slide

The new Macroder micrometric slide for Macro photography is a step ahead of all others.
Movements of 0.15 mm, never seen on the market until now, ensure unmatched accuracy.
Lightweight and stable, it can withstand up to a total weight of 25 kilos to adapt to cameras or professional camcorders.
Macroder slitta micrometrica fotografia macro
slitta micrometrica Macroder Precisione Submillimetrica

Sub-millimetre accuracy

Total focus control
Minimum deviations of 0.15mm
Macroder slitta micrometrica Stabilità senza paragoni

Unmatched stability

The 4 rods ensure stability and strength. It is made entirely of aluminium (bars made of steel)
slitta micrometrica Macroder pratica e leggera

Practical and lightweight

Compact size and lightweight, practical to carry around
slitta micrometrica Macroder Sgancio Rapido

Quick release

To approach and move away quickly from the subject

Focus on your emotions

Take your time, concentrate on the composition, pay attention to focus.
Move back and forth to frame your subject with the sub-millimetre accuracy of your Macroder micrometric slide.
0.15 mm and quick release for fast movement: the perfect tool for your macro photography experience.
macrofotografia slitta micrometrica

Choose Macroder

Macroder enhances your macro photography experience

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