Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the Macroder micrometric slide. You can take a look at the technical specifications section for details about size, weight and more. Or contact us at info@federmir.com we will be happy to give you all our support.

The slide does not need any special maintenance. You can clean it with compressed air that is used to clean the sensors and camera lenses. Clean it with a damp cloth and do not use thinners.

The Macroder micrometric slide can withstand up to a total weight of 25 kilos.

Of course! You can clip your bellows directly onto the Macroder slide or onto your camera easily.

At every full turn the Macroder slide deviates by 3 mm, forwards or backwards. The minimum deviation is 0.15 mm.

The Macroder slide features 1/4″ and 3/8” holes for fastening to the tripod and 1/4″ screw for fastening the camera or lens.

No. The movement is mechanical and can move by a minimum of 0.15 mm on a 246 mm axis.

For technical information about the Macroder Micrometric Slide please refer to the technical specifications section, by clicking on the button below.

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